The Way of Forgiveness

Join us for this 8-week study, as we explore the Christian art of forgiving and living as forgiven people. Using a trusted resource from the Companions in Christ series, author Marjorie Thompson will guide us through the complexities of one of the more challenging aspects of the Christian life, as we struggle together to live into the fullness of the life Jesus offers.

The publisher’s blurb says it well:

It takes a lot of willingness and practice to see life from God’s perspective. Perhaps nothing goes more against the grain of human nature than forgiving those who wound us and accepting forgiveness from others. But practicing forgiveness will transform your life and help you grow in the heart and mind of ChristThompson gives guidance for such ticklish questions as: Does forgiveness mean release from consequences of sin? Are there no limits to forgiveness? How do we deal with absent offenders or people who refuse to forgive us? 

If you also have these and other questions, we hope you will join us Monday mornings at 9:30, beginning September 12, as we journey as pilgrims together down The Way of Forgiveness.